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'Thousands of People on Almost Every Overpass': Freedom Convoy Rolls Across Canada

By Rebel News - January 28, 2022

The support for the convoy has been remarkable, as Chief Videographer Mocha Bezirgan documents.

Rebel News Chief Videographer has been embedded with the Freedom Convoy as it travels across Canada, set to converge on Parliament Hill this weekend in Ottawa. During the long trek across the country, Mocha has seen a tremendous, virtually unheard of, support for this movement.

Perhaps the most stunning display has been the sheer number of Canadians that have gathered at overpasses across the country, from the biggest cities to the smallest towns.

As the convoy closes in on Ottawa, Rebel News will continue to bring you the other side of the story on this movement. For more of our embedded reports, as well as everything else convoy-related, visit

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