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Canada Lobbying W.H.O to Include Climate Change in Their Pandemic Treaty

By COUNTER SIGNAL January 10, 2024

Canada lobbying WHO to include climate change in their pandemic treaty

On Monday, Lewis posted a message on social media showing a portion of a response from the Trudeau Liberals to her inquiry about their activities and input with the WHO.

“As countries prepare to finalize the WHO Global Pandemic Accord in May, the Liberals have been lobbying the WHO to include climate change in the definition of a pandemic emergency,” she stated on X.

The WHO’s pandemic treaty is set to be finalized in May, and Lewis has expressed concern that it will legally bind countries to the will of the unelected organization.

The feds responded to Lewis, indicating that “the new instrument should be inclusive and defined by an all-hazards approach in alignment with the [International Health Regulations].” 

The response continues: “There are other global health threats that are currently building and/or could result in a global health emergency (e.g., climate change impacts) … which may be scoped out of an instrument with too narrow a focus.” 

In other words, the feds acknowledged that they are in support of broadening the scope of the pandemic treaty to such that it directs countries not just on infectious disease outbreaks, but also on health impacts from climate change. 

An October 2023 order paper response by the Trudeau Government to Lewis shows a similar message. 

In it, the Government of Canada stated that “other global health threats, such as climate change, can impact pandemics, and we incorporate these broader considerations in our domestic pandemic, planning, preparedness and response activities.”

Last month the Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico vehemently denounced the unelected WHO, calling it a Big Pharma creation that seeks to control governments.

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