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The Dangers of Bill 67 & Critical Race Theory Infecting Canadian Schools

By Rebel News March 17, 2022

Belinda Karahalios, the only MPP to vote against Bill 67, tells her side as to why she voted against it and why she thinks it poses a serious threat to racial equality in our schools.

Bill 67, the Racial Equity in the Education System Act recently passed its second reading in Ontario's legislature. The bill was introduced by Kitchener Centre MPP Laura Mae Lindo under the guise of combatting racism and racist issues in Ontario's education system.

This bill was described recently by Dr. Jordan Peterson as "the most pernicious and dangerous piece of legislation that any Canadian government has attempted to put forward" and will effectively inject Critical Race Theory (CRT) into every sector of Ontario's education system.

Every single Member of Provincial Parliament in attendance, from every party, voted in favor of Bill 67 — except for one. The lone holdout who stood against Bill 67 was Belinda Karahalios of the New Blue Party of Ontario, who is the sitting MPP for the riding of Cambridge.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Belinda, to hear her side as to why she voted against this bill and why she thinks it poses a serious threat to racial equality in our schools.

You can read Bill 67 for yourself here.

The bill will not only require school boards to create and enforce "racial equity plans" that implement different treatment of individuals based on race — but it will also penalize staff and students who are perceived to be violating the bill's tenets.

CRT is a doctrine that is in itself racist and has no place in Ontario's school system.

If you agree we need to stop the implementation of CRT in Ontario schools, please sign our petition at

You can also send an email to Ontario MPPs, calling on them directly to stop Bill 67 by clicking here.

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