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Ottawa Police Plan ‘Surge & Contain’ Response to Trucker Freedom Convoy

February 4, 2022

Ottawa’s police chief says the force is launching a “surge and contain” strategy in an attempt to end the Trucker protestors in the nation’s capital.

During a Friday morning press conference, Chief Peter Sloly claimed that the convoy is “very dangerous” and “very volatile,” as he announced the new authoritarian action by police to limit access to the core by additional vehicles, and ultimately try to end the demonstration.

“Ottawa residents are frustrated and angry, and they have every right to be,” Sloly said. “The lawlessness must end.”

There was no word from the mainstream media or police to end the lawlessness during the BLM riots. Where fires where started, stores where looted and citizens murdered.

The "Lawlessness" that the sell-out puppet-police chief was referring to was anything but violent. The overwhelming majority of Canadians support the protests to end the mandates. According to a report from Blacklock's Report, crime has actually declined during the convoy.

The truckers’ blockade covers ten square blocks in the Centretown district. Preliminary police data show street crime fell sharply in the district since the protest began last Friday.

The district saw 31 police calls for robbery, assault, drug trafficking, public drunkenness, stolen vehicles, store break-ins and other crimes in the week prior to the protest. There were three reports of street crime since the protest began for mischief, robbery and auto theft. Police yesterday said data were incomplete.

“There have been no riots, injuries or deaths,” Police Chief Peter Sloly testified Wednesday at the Municipal Police Services Board. “We are arresting, charging and investigating bad actors.” All charges against truckers to date involved routine traffic violations or breach of a local noise bylaw for horn honking.

Sloly said the “surge and contain” strategy is based on “lessons learned” over the past week as well as new intelligence gathered over the last 24 hours.

It will see approximately 150 officers patrolling Centretown, Lowertown and the Byward Market with a focus on addressing “unlawful, threatening conduct:” specifically, mischief, hate, harassment, intimidation and other similar behaviours, Sloly said.

Ottawa police are taking an anti-terrorism approach, promising to target those who have provided financial aid to the convoy's anti-lockdown efforts. Police have hinted at using national intelligence agencies to gather data on Canadians who have given money and supplies to the truckers.

In Ottawa, it's the police who are restricting traffic — not the truckers.

See this Report by REBEL NEWS:

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