Ontario Extends Police "Emergency" Powers


In another example of Canada's power grab, Ontario has extended emergency powers granted to police to "help clear blockades resulting from protests against COVID-19 measures". According to an article by CTV.

Ontario's Premier, Doug Ford declared last week on Feb. 11, an end to the so called state of emergency but the powers he granted to police still remain in place until at least Saturday, with the possibility of being extended.

Once again, we remind you that once government grants itself extra powers, they do not give them back. Why would they, when it gives them authority to suspend your annoying rights that prevent them from doing whatever they want, whenever they want?

Our out of control, power-tripping government has authorized the police to revoke licenses, order the removal of vehicles and/or fine people up to $100,000 for blocking critical infrastructure.

The premier has said he aims to make some of the temporary measures aimed at stopping infrastructure blockades permanent but hasn't yet said how his government plans to do that.

Do you still think this is a free country?

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