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Judge Bans Honking in Ottawa For 10 Days - Elderly Man Arrested

By Jamie White - February 7, 2022

An Ontario judge has temporarily banned the Freedom Convoy from honking their horns in downtown Ottawa — the truckers responded with more honking.

Superior Court Justice Hugh McLean issued a 10-day injunction to prevent the Freedom Convoy truckers from honking their horns in downtown Ottawa, saying residents have a right to “quiet, if we can use that term.

Paul Champ, a lawyer representing central Ottawa residents in a proposed multimillion-dollar class-action lawsuit, had argued the loud and prolonged honking is causing irreparable harm. Keith Wilson, representing three of the respondents in the case, had told McLean the ruling on the injunction would carry national importance. McLean said he heard enough evidence that the continual blaring of horns was having an effect on residents that their right for “quiet, if we can use that term,” trumped the honking truckers’ right to protest.

The Freedom Convoy responded to the judge’s honk ban by, you guessed it — honking.

This comes after the Freedom Convoy’s occupation of Ottawa extends into its 10th day. The continuous honking by the truckers have led some residents to a breaking point, with some meltdowns over the noise captured on video.

Interesting to see the Canadian legal system at work: you’re free to enjoy “quiet” in Canada, but not free to decide whether to put an experimental mRNA vaccine into your body.

Video captured from Ottawa shows police harassing and assaulting an elderly Canadian for honking his horn.

The man recording the video captured two masked police officers harassing old man while trying to ascertain his identity.

“What did he do wrong?” the man recording asked one officer.

“None of your fucking concern, man,” the officer replied.

The other officer can be heard asking the old man still in his vehicle where he was headed, to which the man recording yelled, “You don’t have to answer that!”

As the officer tried contending with the man recording, the elderly man, clearly upset, stepped out of his car and accused the officer of trying to take a “swing” at him after he “tooted his horn.”

“That is why you’re pulled over,” the officer told the old man.

The man recording had another theory: “It’s called communism,” he said, then told the old man he “didn’t do anything wrong.”

“I know I didn’t!” the old man responded.

“You have the right to beep your horn. Why are you doing this?” the man recording asked the officer.

“Because it’s an offense. It’s an offense to beep your horn,” the officer answered. “Tell me it’s not! I have it written down that it is. It’s actually an offense.”

Absurdly, that’s actually now true: a judge issued a 10-day injunction Monday banning truckers from honking theirs horns in downtown Ottawa.

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