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Freedom Convoy Planned for Toronto, Canada


The Convoy to Toronto is planned for Saturday February 5, 2022 and will make stops at meet-up locations throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

The scheduled meet up time is listed as 10am. The "roll-out" time will be 11am.

The meet-up spots include:

  • 95 First Street Orangeville

  • Vaughan Mills

  • Scarborough Town Center

  • Yorkdale Mall

  • Sherway Gardens

  • Square One

  • 403 & Dundas Tim Hortons Oakville

Toronto police close some downtown roads as officials prepare for anticipated ‘convoy’ protest.

See the Toronto Police's Statement here:

The mainstream media is already demonizing the Protest and politicians are deeming the Ottawa truckers as violent, extremists and white supremacists.

It's of the upmost importance to remain peaceful and abide by the law as the propaganda pusher's cameras will be pointed on the Freedom Convoy, waiting for any slip up or angle that they can manipulate.

See the Advertisement for the meet-up below:

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