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WATCH: What Planned Expansion to WHO Powers Could Mean for the World

By NTD June 11, 2022

“States like New York, Illinois, California, Washington State, that imposed some of the most draconian policy responses—those are also some of the states that had the worst health outcomes, and I don’t think that should be a surprise,” says Alex Newman, contributor for The Epoch Times.

“America’s Founding Fathers said over and over again, variations on this: Giving up freedom and hoping for safety is futile; you’ll end up with neither freedom nor safety,” he adds.

Major amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) proposed by the Biden administration were debated in Geneva in late May. For one, these aimed to expand the powers of the World Health Organization (WHO) to be able to declare global health emergencies without the targeted country’s consent.

These changes were not approved, owing in part to heavy resistance from certain African nations. However, the WHO and member governments will put forth even further-reaching amendments to the global rules in September.

Award-winning international journalist Alex Newman explains why we should be concerned.

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