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WATCH: Pro-Ukraine Rally Attendees Cheer For Nazi Azov Battalion in NYC

April 23, 2022

Attendees of a pro-Ukraine rally in Manhattan broke out into chants of support for the neo-Nazi paramilitary faction known as the Azov Battalion, video circulating social media shows.

Footage from the event shows the crowd waving Ukraine flags as they chant, “Azov! Azov Azov!” in lower Manhattan.

The fanatatical Azov Battalion was formed in 2014 by a self-described Nazi amid the Maidan Uprising that led to the Soros-backed coup of Ukraine’s government.

Their insignia is taken from the 2nd SS Das Reich Panzer Division, and they also proudly display the swastika and the Sonnenrad, another Nazi symbol.

The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and Amnesty International has accused Azov fighters and associated regiments of egregious human rights violations, including torture, kidnappings, and extra-judicial executions.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky tried dismissing the Azov Battalion’s fascist roots, claiming that “they are who they are.”

Like their support for Antifa, the left has no trouble backing an openly fascist group so long as they align with their political goals: in this case, waging war against Russia.

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