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CNN: The Most DEGENERATE Name in News

February 7, 2022

Here is a quick run down of the perversity running amuck behind closed doors at CNN:

John Griffin: 'Pedophile' CNN producer who worked on Chris Cuomo's show DENIES child sex charges including allegation he paid woman $3,000 to fly girl, 9, from Nevada to Vermont so he could sexually abuse her.

Chris Cuomo: Sexual misconduct allegation led to his firing from CNN. Mainstream news tried to play it off as the reason being, he helped his brother Andrew Cuomo (Former New York Governor), cover up his own sexual assault crimes.

Don Lemon: Currently being sued for sexual assault of a male bartender.

Watch Fox's Tucker Carlson's Report on CNN's Problem with Pedophilia:

More on the story regarding John Griffin, who worked as a producer for Chris Cuomo during his time at CNN:

Not only do the sell-outs at CNN peddle garbage opinions and fake news, but they also try to push their disgusting life-style on the weak minded who are easily susceptible to propaganda. Remember when they tried to normalize "cuck-holding"?

See article below:

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