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Was Shinzo Abe Assassinated By Chinese Government? - New Evidence Emerges

July 10, 2022

Josh Sigurdson reports on the potential of the Chinese government murdering Shinzo Abe, the former Prime Minister of Japan who was known to be more conservative and support Taiwan.

Information is coming out that is quite shocking. Messages on a Chinese social media forum by people hours before the former Prime Minister's assassination that detail a user talking about "completing the task" for what appears to be the Chinese Communist Party.

The user talks about getting close multiple times to the former and current Prime Minister of Japan. The user also talks about being trained and receiving "100,000." Abe's grandfather was also notoriously an enemy of the Chinese government for his work with Tojo during the war.

In this video, we break down this insane news as more information comes out on DHS agents working for the Chinese government as well!


"Gomeifuku wo oinori itashi-masu"

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