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University Backtracks After Encouraging Staff To Use ‘Neopronouns’, ‘Emojiself,’ & ‘Catgender’ Terms

February 21, 2022

Following a massive backlash, a university in the UK has walked back advice to staff to start using made up pronouns, termed ‘neopronouns’, as well as ’emojiself’ terms for people who identify by using emojis and even ‘catgender’ terms for people who choose to identify as cats.

Yes, really. Bristol University in England really did this.

The London Telegraph reported that the university provided staff guidance on how to properly use pronouns, and included links to totally insane material aimed at people who want to be cats.

The cat people even have their own flag, according to the material the university pointed to on LGBTA Wiki.

Of course they do. Here it is.

The ‘neopronouns’ go beyond the usual ‘they/them’ woke stuff and into the territory of made up words such as xe/xem/xyr, ze/hir/hirs, and ey/em/eir.

Because for those people, actual words that exist are too restrictive and not reflective enough of their identities.

The pronouns for cat people are apparently “nya” or “nyan,” which is Japanese for “meow.”

The university also linked to material outlining how for some people the use of letters and even made up words is too restrictive. Those people like to identify by using emojis. They refer to their ’emojiself’ to reflect their gender.

Newsweek reported that the university removed the links to the material after sane people complained it was insane.

The University issued a statement clarifying, but claiming that it is misinformation to suggest that the material was ever official guidance.

We have a guide on our website which is designed to help people understand the different variations and nuances that this covers. This linked to an external LGBTA Wiki page with further information, which in turn links to a separate page on catgender. These external links are not official university guidance and we are disappointed that it has been reported as such. With this in mind, we have now removed this link and apologise sic] for the confusion caused.

Right, so the fact that an institute of higher education linked to a page on ‘catgender’ in total seriousness, encouraging mental health that is causing real world fallout, isn’t the real problem here?

We’re done. The internet, take over please.

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