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Undercover Footage: School Clinic Vaccinates Children Without Parental Consent

By Kelen McBreen - January 25, 2022

A pair of Colorado high school students secretly filmed as staff working a pop-up Covid vaccine clinic located on-campus allowed them to receive a shot despite being underage.

According to the school’s superintendent, students under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian present at the time of vaccination.

The first kid to record the sting operation simply told the workers he was over 18-years-old, and the staff never asked to see identification to confirm his name or age.

The boy also struggled to remember his fake birthdate, which the vaccine clinic workers failed to notice or care about.

After a few minutes, the underage teen was set to receive his jab, but he acted as if he got nervous just before he was pricked and left instead.

This is this boy’s dad email to the school. The superintendent clarifies that a parent must be present for minors (however you will see in the next video that a minor was able to obtain the vaccine without a guardian present.)

Because the boy walked out without receiving his shot, staff wanted to make sure he wasn’t marked as “vaccinated” in their computer records.

During this conversation, a male staffer seems to admit he knew the child was actually 16 and lied about his age.

After reviewing the footage, the father of the first child wrote an email to the school demanding the vaccine clinic be shut down.

The school’s superintendent responded by assuring the dad that all students under the age of 18 needed a parent present at the time of vaccination.

However, both videos show this is false as the second kid filming their encounter simply handed the staff a forged parental signature before being approved for the shot.

“How old are you?” workers asked the second boy who clandestinely filmed.

“I am 15,” the teen answered before the woman behind the desk said, “You have to have an adult, honey.”

When the teenager presented a document allegedly signed by his parents, the staff examined it and allowed him to proceed.

Just as the first teenager did, the second boy acted as if he chickened out right before the nurse was able to stick him with the Covid needle.

The superintendent assured parents that minors will not be able to get the vaccine without a parent present. This parent pointed out that it will be difficult to prove age without requiring an ID. The flyer specifically stated that an ID will not be required.

The parent of child #2 also emailed the school’s superintendent about the encounter and pointed out that the flyer for the clinic specifically stated that an ID is not required.

These videos should infuriate all Americans regardless of their stance on Covid vaccines as parental rights are being stripped away by the radical left.

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