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Twitter Flagged the Term ‘My Pillow’ as "Misinformation"

By THE POST MILLENNIAL December 12, 2022

As Elon Musk continues the process of revealing the meltdowns and excessive censorship under Twitter 1.0, a curious discovery was made by independent journalist Kristen Ruby.

In an epic thread documenting Twitter's American "Political Misinfo Detection AI List", it was revealed that the phrase "My Pillow" was flagged by Twitter for misinformation.

This doesn't mean that every instance of the phrase "My Pillow" was determined to be misinformation, but that they were flagging it internally as an indicator of potential misinformation.

"I have obtained exclusive access to documents that have never been publicly revealed. The information I am about to share with you has never been released. This information is of public concern and the below thread includes my reporting on it.

"Unlike the other writers involved in reporting on The Twitter Files, I do not have access to any direct information from Twitter. My information is from a direct source. I do not have the same level of legal protection these other writers have. I am taking the risk anyway," Ruby tweeted.

Tweet number 29 of the thread reveals that "My Pillow" was part of Twitter's detection AI.

Ruby had previously documented evidence from a former Twitter employee detailing employee's extensive access to user's DMs and data.

Musk endorsed the reporting by tweeting "Worth a read."

With the Twitter Files, came revelations that the social media giant had actively blacklisted conservative commentators Charlie Kirk and Dan Bongino, Donald Trump was suppressed and censored before he was banned, and woke Twitter employees viewed Trump as a "terrorist" leader and his supporters as violent rioters in their justification to ban him despite the fact he didn't violate their policy.

New details continue to emerge regarding just how suppressed and censored conservatives were under Jack Dorsey's Twitter 1.0.

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