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Trudeau Asks Parliament to Grant Emergency Powers on an Ongoing Basis

By COUNTER SIGNAL February 21, 2022

Despite all protests being systematically expunged in Canada, PM Justin Trudeau is asking Parliament to grant him his unprecedented emergency powers on an ongoing basis, saying he'd like to retain them for two to three months.

Following a speech teeming with horrific irony, in which he claimed the invocation of the Emergencies Act is protecting Canadians' liberties, Trudeau confirmed that he's going to fight for the continued use of his emergency powers.

"Hello from Radio Canada," a state-funded journalist began during the Q&A. "The truckers could come back in two months, three months, so does that mean we would have to keep [the Emergencies Act] for another two, three months?"

"Indeed," Trudeau responded. "This is something we are thinking about, of course."

He further says that despite protesters being dispersed in Ottawa and every blockade being over, the emergency is not over, and he needs to retain his new power.

Moreover, despite his speech expressing a desire for increased unity amongst Canadians, Trudeau took the opportunity to divide Parliament further, saying that anyone who votes against him keeping his newly acquired power is stating that they do not trust the Canadian government.

During his speech and after thanking law enforcement for their work in crushing peaceful protesters in Ottawa, Trudeau said, "For the past few days, parliamentarians have been debating the Emergencies Act and will be voting on it tonight."

"I ask all members of parliament to take action against illegal blockades and to stand up for public safety and for the freedom of Canadians," Trudeau continued, not missing a beat.

"Invoking the Emergencies Act has been necessary. Law enforcement agencies have been relying on it to set up secure the areas in downtown Ottawa and at border crossings," Trudeau said, further claiming that the Freedom Convoy is a result of foreign funding.

Trudeau continued, saying that the scenes from Ottawa, which included street hockey, children playing in bouncy castles, and nightly dance parties, "tear at the values that bind us as Canadians…."

"What we've seen in the past few weeks is not the story of this pandemic. The story of this pandemic is one of unity and solidarity," Trudeau says, even though his government instituted vaccine mandates and travel restrictions which divided Canadians at a systemic level.

Trudeau further says that he supports protests, even against him, and the Charter of Rights and Freedom, but that these protests involve harassing Canadians and are thus unjust. Instead, he says that Freedom Convoy protesters should vote and "run for office." The next federal election isn't until October 2025.

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