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Swedish Company Creates a Microchip to Carry COVID Vaccine Passport Under Skin

December 23, 2021

Self-described "body hacker" Jowan Osterlund from Biohax Sweden, holds a small microchip implant, similar to those implanted into workers at the Epicenter digital innovation business centre during a party at the co-working space in central Stockholm. James Brooks/AP Photo

A Swedish start-up has created a microchip that can be implanted into the skin, displaying details of one's COVID vaccine passport when scanned. The technology involves a small, grain-sized implant being inserted under the skin. When the implant is scanned with a smartphone, one's COVID-19 vaccination details and test results can be viewed via a PDF.

The invention, created by tech firm Dsruptive Subdermals, involves a pre-programmed scannable implant 2 millimeters by 16 millimeters in size being inserted just beneath the skin.

"I have a chip implant in my arm, and I have programmed the chip so that I have my COVID passport on the chip, and the reason is that I always want to have it accessible," Hannes Sjoblad, managing director of Dsruptive Subdermals, told the AFP.

Sjoblad demonstrated for the AFP how it was possible to scan the chip with his phone to bring up a PDF that showed all the details of his EU Digital COVID Certificate, a pass somewhat similar to the US's vaccine card. It indicates that one is inoculated against COVID-19, or that the person has been tested with a negative result.

"This means it is always accessible for me or for anyone else, really, who wants to read me. For example, if I go to the movies or go to a shopping center, then people will be able to check my status even if I don't have my phone," Sjoblad, who is also chief disruption officer at start-up Epicenter Stockholm, said.

These microchips have NOTHING to do with convenience. The plan to microchip citizens has been long in the works by governments, mega-corporations and Banking cartels in order to better track and monitor us. The system being put into place is much like China's current totalitarian system based on tracking and monitoring, complete with a social credit score.

The slow normalizing of the idea came with Microchipping cats and dogs which became mandatory in Montreal on January 1, 2020. They marketed the idea stating things such as

"A microchip and a tag are the best ways to find your companion if ever they get lost, run away or are stolen".

The government wants to treat us like their "pets". allowing them to know our whereabouts, actions and associations at all times. if you don't think this is a possibility watch how the implementation works in China.

Here is an article reporting that Canada is considering biometrics, ID banks to improve financial inclusion.

Over 13 Years ago, filmmaker Aaron Russo who produced films such as Trading Places starring Eddy Murphy & Rude Awakening, did a sit down interview where he stated that he had been an insider among the establishment "elitists" and revealed that the ultimate goal of the Mega-Banking cartels was plan to microchip every individual on earth.

You can watch that clip from the interview here:

The entire interview is worth watching as well. it runs approximately 4 hours but I highly recommend spending the time to watch and decide for yourself if he was truthful.

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