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SURVEILLANCE STATE: German Police Use COVID Tracing App to Scout Potential Witnesses

January 17, 2022

Police in the city of Mainz, near Frankfurt, successfully petitioned local health authorities to release data from an app called Luca when a man fell to his death after leaving a restaurant in November. They said they were seeking witnesses who had dined at the restaurant around the same time and reportedly found 21 people from the app data.

The misuse of the data has been criticized by privacy advocates, who fear that such sensitive information will be used for non-pandemic-control purposes.

concerned citizens have been warning since the beginning that contact tracing would be the foot-in-the-door for authoritative governments to condition the public into accepting a Chinese style surveillance system.

Propaganda outlet Washington Post wrote about the story: "The incident is also likely to provide fodder for vaccine doubters, some of whom have taken on a broader anti-government stance, and those who believe coronavirus-related conspiracy theories".

These corporate-news outlets (CNN, ABC, etc.) are directly funded by Big Pharma industries and have a vested interest in shutting down the voices of privacy advocates, calling them demeaning terms such as "anti-vaxxers" and "conspiracy nuts" See the video below to see examples of these Vaccine pushers funding the propaganda outlets:

If you give your government the tools to track you, trace you & surveil you, THEY WILL USE IT.

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