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Radical Leftist Cultists Shut Down Event for Father Who Lost Custody of Trans Child

March 4, 2022

Radical leftists caused havoc during a lecture Wednesday at the University of North Texas, shutting down a speech by a distraught father who lost custody of his son over transgender issues.

In footage of the incident in Denton, where the Young Conservatives of Texas hosted an event for House candidate Jeff Younger, far-leftists can be seen disrupting the lecture by pounding on desks and shouting, “Fuck these fascists!” and, “Protect trans kids!”

After the lecture was shut down, footage outside the event shows leftists continuing to berate and physically assault the Young Conservatives, as police attempted to evacuate the group to safety.

“The evacuation didn’t work and [Young Conservative member Kelly Neidert] was hidden in a janitor’s closet in a nearby building until it was safe to leave,” the group tweeted.

The lefty journo who documented the event’s abrupt cancellation later deleted the tweets and locked down their account, reported journalist Andy Ngo.

Younger made headlines after going through a years-long court battle fighting his ex-wife’s efforts to transition one of their sons into a girl, after which he lost custody of both of his twin sons.

The left’s war on children and parental rights isn’t isolated to America, as seen in recent footage of Australians protesting against new Covid measures affecting their children.

As surmised by media commentator Tim Pool, the deranged left that’s targeting children is more accurately characterized as a “cult.”

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