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Quebec TV Show Uses Children to Advocate for Arrest of the Unvaccinated

By Andrew Lawton and Harrison Faulkner - January 23, 2022

Canadians are outraged after a Quebec TV show used children to call for the arrests and forced vaccinations of Canadians who haven’t had COVID shots. Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time this TV program used children to promote propaganda.

Plus, CTV featured guests who call on Spotify to censor popular podcast host Joe Rogan, claiming he spreads “misinformation” and that open debates are problematic.

Meanwhile, for once, the CBC doesn’t spread fake news by encouraging Canadians to stock up on tea and lozenges to combat the mild Omicron variant.

How do people not realize the media (propaganda pushers) are deliberately trying to dehumanize free citizens who chose not to take the experimental jabs?

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