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Quebec to Deny Parts of Society to Those Without A “Booster” Passport

By Reclaim the Net - January 8, 2022

The vaccine passport system in Quebec will soon be updated so that it will only work for those who have had a booster shot. The vaccine mandate was also extended to include liquor stores and cannabis dispensaries.

The third dose will be a requirement at a later date when every Quebecer has had a chance to get it, said the province’s Health Minister Christina Dube. Those without a booster shot will be blocked from some parts of society.

So far, booster shots are available to those aged 50 and above and will be available to those aged 18 and above beginning January 17.

“If the unvaccinated aren’t happy with this situation, there is a very simple solution at your disposal,” the minister said. “It is to get vaccinated. It’s free.”

The health minister said that the government was considering extending the use of vaccine passports to more “non-essential” business, including personal care services.

“By limiting the places they can go, we’re limiting their contacts,” Dubé said, referring to people who aren’t vaccinated.

“If you don’t want to get vaccinated, stay home.”

On Thursday, the province reported that 1,953 people were in hospital testing positive with Covid.

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