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Propaganda Flashback: CNN promotes 'Cuckholding' Degeneracy

By Styles P - November 7, 2021

In an example of how Google censors & pushes leftist-degeneracy, do a quick google search of the term "why cuckolding is bad for relationships" and you'll immediately see a plethora of links PROMOTING cuckolding.

Most prominent is CNN's ridiculous article claiming how cuckholding can be positive for some couples.

YES. it's real. It seems like something out of Mike Judge's film 'Idiocracy'. Yet somehow CNN seems to maintain credibility.

How any sane, self-respecting individual could absorb their vile slop is beyond me.

Do you remember when CNN pushed the idea that doing your own research was a no-no?

So the alternative? Believe EVERYTHING CNN tells you, because they would never lie right?

Unless of course they we're being funded by the Big-Pharmaceutical companies.

(See Video Below)

It's no wonder why CNN never report a single story on vaccine side-affects. Or the fact that Pfizer was involved in the biggest health care fraud case in history.

There are countless examples to illustrate how CNN intentionally lies to it's viewers but I will end with this final instance of Chris Cuomo, Brother of Andrew Cuomo (Governor of NY), blatantly lying, claiming the media has special rights that citizens don't have, therefore they are allowed to look at leaked documents and tell you what's in them. BUT DON'T LOOK for yourself!

Since when did the constitution bestow this power upon CNN?

The documents he is referring to in this clip are the emails belonging to Hillary Clinton, which were released by Wikileaks which contained some disturbing revelations of profuse corruption.

I could delve deeper into the emails OR you could "Do your own research". REMEMBER it's NOT illegal, despite what cuck-lord Cuomo may assert.

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