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Play Game Boy Cartridges On Your Computer With This $50 Accessory

By Shawn Knight February 18, 2022

Devices like the Analogue Nt and the Duo have led to a recent resurgence in retro gaming, a trend we’re seeing trickle down to smaller manufacturers. One such example is Epilogue, who recently started accepting pre-orders for its GB Operator. GB Operator is like a cartridge slot for your computer.

Epilogue likens the GB Operator to a cartridge slot for your computer. With it, users can play Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance cartridges on their computer just as they would on original hardware. It’s even compatible with the Game Boy Camera accessory, should you still happen to have one of those lying around.

The device’s creator says its cross-platform desktop application (Windows, Mac and Linux) is based on mGBA, an open-source Game Boy Advance emulator that’s been around for years, but adds that users are free to utilize their favorite emulator as well.

GB Operator is even reportedly able to detect counterfeit cartridges, an added perk for those looking to amass a collection of original carts.

Non-Nintendo hardware used to play Game Boy carts isn’t new, mind you, but they’re also somewhat hard to come by. Analogue announced its Pocket handheld in 2019 but we’re still waiting for it to hit the market. Hyperkin was also working on a Game Boy remake years ago, but I’m not certain if it ever launched.

The GB Operator is available to pre-order now priced at $49.99 plus shipping, and is expected to go out sometime in August.

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