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Canadian Parents Outraged Over Kindergarten Masturbation Homework Assignment

May 13, 2022

A teacher at an elementary school in British Columbia, Canada is being accused of assigning 4-year-old kindergarteners a homework assignment discussing where and when to masturbate.

The incident happened at the T'lisalagi'lakw School which is part of First Nation territory. School officials are said to be investigating the matter which was reportedly undertaken by one particular teacher and wasn't indicative of the overall curriculum.

The worksheet, highlighted by an irate parent on Facebook, asks students to “Draw a picture of the private places where you can touch your penis or vulva if you want to.”

“Some children like to touch their own private body parts and some children don’t,” the worksheet says, going on to ask children which places in their home would be considered private.

“All families have different rules about masturbation (touching your own private parts),” the worksheet continues.

One parent complained on Facebook after their four-year-old was given the assignment.

“#1 I was not informed this would be discussed no info came home before hand # my daughter is JUNIOR KINDERGARTEN!” [sic] they wrote.

“If your 4 year old child came home with this as homework how would you feel cause I personally lost my shit it wrecked my day and gave me a disgusting feeling.”

The assignment is derived from a workbook titled, “Body Smart: Right from the Start,” described as a book for parents to teach their children about body safety.

According to online activist Libs of TikTok, the author of the “Body Smart” workbook, Kerry Isham, defended the worksheet from angry parents in Facebook comments.

The parent who complained on Facebook later posted an update reporting school officials were unaware the teacher had introduced the worksheet to children, and confirmed the incident is under investigation.

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