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Ottawa City Officials & Police Label Trucker Convoy As ‘Terrorist Insurrection’

By Steve Watson - February 7, 2022

City officials in Ottawa have claimed that the capital is “under siege” and that the trucker convoy protesting vaccine mandates constitutes a “nation-wide insurrection”, with one councilwoman even calling the movement “terrorism.”

As the mayor of Ottawa declared a state of emergency, Ottawa City Council member Diane Deans stated “We are on day eight of this occupation. Our city is under siege.”

She added, “What we’re seeing is bigger than just a City of Ottawa problem. This is a nationwide insurrection. This is madness. We need a concrete plan to put an end to this.”

She also declared that the truckers are “terrorizing” residents, “torturing them” by honking their horns, and are a “threat to democracy.”

Watch Below:

The comments came during a discussion between city officials conducted over Zoom.

Ottawa police chief Peter Sloly agreed also stated that local law enforcement was “never intended to deal with a city under siege,” adding that police do not have the resources or the legal authority to disperse the protesters.

Deans then questioned if officials are able to declare the protest an ‘unlawful assembly’ and a ‘riot’, so that police can make mass arrests, rather than going after “one criminal charge at a time.”

“There are so many people out there engaged in a broader act of… mayhem, that we need to be able to bring it all under control,” Deans proclaimed.

She added “We can’t allow this kind of terrorism in our community to continue this way.”

The full meeting can be viewed below:

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