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Numerous Provinces May End COVID Mandates by Spring

By Free Thinkers Collective - February 8, 2022

The National Post reported in their recent article "Most Canadian pandemic strictures should be gone by spring" that provinces are "questioning" the utility of vaccine passports and other pandemic measures.

The truth is that the CITIZENS of these provinces are completely fed up with the mandates and infrastructures of control being set up around them. This can be seen in the massive protests that the mainstream media has been trying to downplay.

See below:

In a recent interview with CNN, The CDC's Director Rochelle Walensky stated that vaccines cannot prevent transmission of Covid-19, which begs the question: What was the point of the vaccine Passports?

See her Statements below:

More than 1,700 fully vaccinated individuals recently tested positive for COVID-19 in Ontario alone.

See here:

The fact that only fully vaccinated individuals were allowed to travel internationally, visit bars, pubs, clubs, theatres, gyms, etc. and were STILL able to transmit the virus exposes that the positive cases of the virus and it's variants were being driven predominantly by the vaccinated, NOT the unvaccinated.

Case in point: International travel for the unvaccinated to or outside of Australia was completely banned. Yet they saw cases of the Omicron variant which originated in South Africa.

On Tuesday, Saskatchewan, P.E.I. and Alberta all announced the end to fraudulent pandemic mandates. This is expected to come as the first cases of a nationwide end of COVID-19 mandates.

See the Premier of Saskatchewan's statements below:

Ontario has yet to confirm plans to end vaccine passports, but Chief Medical Officer of Health Kieran Moore said last week the province should “reassess the value” of the measure.

Interesting to note that countries such as England, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and others are ending all restrictions, including mask mandates, meanwhile countries like Austria are sinking even deeper into COVID tyranny.

It was recently discovered that the Austrian authorities are randomly stopping and demanding the vaccination status of citizens.

See full article below:

Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it.

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