North Korea Imposes Canada-style Lockdown

By THOMAS LAMBERT May 17, 2022

After announcing that it’s finally seen cases of COVID, Kim Jong Un has imposed a nationwide, Canada-style lockdown in North Korea.

According to reports, six people have sporadically died only one day after confirming the first case of COVID-19, and 350,000 have somehow been treated in the relatively poor country. How this feat was even possible given North Korea’s crumbling health infrastructure is anybody’s guess.

As it stands, North Korea has isolated 187,800 people, and Kim has ordered that all regions strictly lockdown, effectively suspending what few mobility rights their citizens still have.

Kim was also seen wearing the ceremonial COVID mask while making the announcement, not unlike fellow human rights abuser Justin Trudeau, who masks in Canada and walks unmasked in mostly unvaccinated Ukraine.

Despite several news outlets raising concerns over the fact that the majority of the population is unvaccinated, it’s unlikely this will make much of an impact.

As previously reported by The Counter Signal, in Ontario, the case rate, hospitalization rate, and death rate are higher in the vaccinated and boosted portion of the population. In contrast, the fully vaccinated and unvaccinated or partially vaccinated portions of the population remain at roughly the same level. However, all figures are significantly low, showing that the Omicron variant — presumably what North Korea is dealing with — poses little threat to the vast majority of people.

Nonetheless, North Korea is completely overreacting and following in the rest of the world’s footsteps, just as other countries remove virtually all restrictions. It isn’t clear whether North Korea will impose vaccine mandates or whether it will mirror Shanghai’s ongoing lockdown that has seen pets beaten to death and children separated from their parents.

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