New York May End Mask Mandate As First Responders Block Brooklyn Bridge In Protest

By Kelen McBreen - February 7, 2022

With New York’s statewide mandate requiring proof of vaccination or a mask to enter an indoor business expiring on Wednesday, Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul recently hinted she may let it come to an end.

On Wednesday, Hochul told New Yorkers, “We put some protections in place to help our workplaces, help our employees and customers. We will be having a conversation about that, if you can just hold on until Wednesday’s news conference.”

The state’s mandatory mask policy for schools expires on February 21.

“We are going to assess our situation here in New York,” the governor said regarding the school mask mandate. “I’m going to continue to head in that direction, we are hoping to get to that, I’ve said that for weeks that is our goal.”

ABC News 10 reports on Hochul’s announcement

Meanwhile, hundreds of New York City first responders and other concerned citizens marched across the Brooklyn Bridge on Monday in a demonstration against vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, mask mandates and more.

The city employee protesters marched from Metro Tech in Downtown Brooklyn, over the Brooklyn Bridge, and all the way to City Hall.

An estimated 4,000 NYC employees have until Friday to submit their vaccination cards or lose their jobs.

Democrat New York City Mayor Eric Adams said the city workers are quitting on the Big Apple.

“They’re not being terminated, they are quitting,” he said. “Because if the rules of you being employed means vaccinated and you’re not, that is a decision you’re making not a decision we’re making as a city. I say don’t quit on New York. Take your vaccine and booster shot.”

Also on Monday, Democrat New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced his state’s school mask mandate will end in the second week of March.

The Democrat governors of both Connecticut and Delaware followed Murphy’s lead.

Grassroots movements focused on opposing Covid lockdowns and mandates are popping up around the world as the people realize they’ve been had.

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