New Details Emerge Surrounding Scott Hall’s Passing

By Craig Ballantyne March 20 2022

New details have been reported concerning the circumstances of the tragic death of the legendary Scott Hall.

On March 14th, WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall sadly passed away at the age of 63. The star had previously been in hospital after breaking his hip, but complications led to three heart attacks that left him on life support.

As WWE Raw went live, the show opened with a graphic paying tribute to Hall and breaking the news that he had passed away. Tributes to the influential star have since poured in from around the wrestling world.

Speaking to Dave Meltzer in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Hall’s friend Sean Waltman has provided more information on the circumstances surrounding his passing.

Waltman explained that Hall had fallen at home and couldn’t move or get to a phone to call for help. It was several days before friends alerted Diamond Dallas Page that they had been unable to reach him, leading to Page finding him and getting him to hospital.

Sean Waltman also said that the pandemic “did him in” due to drinking brought on by two years of being isolated in his house with little social interaction.

“The pandemic did him in. It was hard enough for him as it was, but he was isolated in his house with no social interaction. He was down to 210 pounds. We called Dally (Dallas Page) and he went over. It was really bad.”

In the newsletter, Meltzer discussed how the story of Scott Hall overcoming his demons with the help of Page was not quite the reality, even though there were times that it was close to being the case.

“While the story the public thought was that he had horrible drinking issues, but through working with Page, he had licked it and turned things around. And according to Waltman, there were times that was at least close to being the case. But things got really bad over the last two years.”

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H/T to F4WOnline for the above transcription.

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