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Nancy Pelosi Tells U.S Olympians Not to Speak Out Against Chinese Government

February 7, 2022

Nancy Pelosi warned U.S. Olympic athletes not to speak out against the Chinese Communist Party’s human rights abuses while in Beijing.

The House speaker claimed she’s worried what the “ruthless” CCP might do to the families of Olympians who “incur their anger.”

“I would say to our athletes: You’re there to compete. Do not risk incurring the anger of the Chinese government because they are ruthless,” said Pelosi Thursday before the Congressional-Executive Commission on China. “I know there is a temptation on the part of some to speak out while they are there.”

“I respect that, but I also worry about what the Chinese government might do to their reputations, to their families.”

Already, critics are calling this year’s Winter Games the “Genocide Olympics” because the host nation’s communist government is conducting a genocide against Uyghur Muslims and other minorities in Western China.

During the commission, Pelosi stressed it is the U.S. government’s “moral duty” to call out China instead of America’s athletes.

“Over the next two weeks, it is our moral duty to shine a bright light on the many human rights violations being perpetrated by the host nation.”

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