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Justin Trudeau Caught Funding The World Economic Forum With Tax Payers Money

By KEEAN BEXTE May 13, 2022

Justin Trudeau and his government have given the World Economic Forum nearly $3 million in Canadian taxpayer dollars over the course of a year.

As per an article by True North’s Cosmin Dzsurdzsa, the Trudeau government provided the World Economic Forum (WEF) — of which Trudeau is a member — with $2,915,095 between 2020-2021, as well as giving the United Nations a whopping $1.576 billion all in Canadian taxpayer dollars.

“According to the transfer payments section of the 2020-2021 Public Accounts of Canada, the WEF received $2,915,095 from Canadian taxpayers in the form of grants and contributions,” Dzsurdzsa writes.

“… The largest of the transfer payments to WEF was a $1,141,851 contribution from the International Development Assistance for Multilateral Programming. WEF also received another $1 million grant under the same program.”

As many will recall, World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab has previously boasted that he “penetrate[d]” the cabinet of Justin Trudeau and that over half of Trudeau’s cabinet are now members of the WEF. Given the recent revelation that Trudeau is funding the Forum, it turns out Schwab had a financial incentive for doing so.

Since attending Davos to complete the WEF’s Young Global Leaders program — a five-year program designed to produce leaders that infiltrate governments, businesses, and cultures worldwide — Trudeau has become a staunch supporter of the WEF’s agenda and frequent speaker at the Forum.

“Thank you, Professor Schwab, for your warm welcome and for bringing this impressive group together,” Trudeau said during a speech to the Forum in 2016, only two months after becoming Canada’s Prime Minister.

“… Today, we are gathered here to contemplate whether we are in the stages of the Fourth Industrial Revolution about to begin. What a breathtaking possibility that is.”


As previously reported by The Counter Signal, the only thing “breathtaking” about the Fourth Industrial Revolution is its scope and its threats to the civil liberties and prosperity of the human species.

If you want to read all about that and what Canadians are funding, you can do so by clicking here.

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