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It Was Never About Our Health...

By Dr. Simon December 12, 2022

There are still ongoing discussions about whether the vaccines and the authoritarian measures might have saved the lives of some old people.

In my opinion, this discussion is obsolete as the governments made sure there aren't any randomized clinical studies, and the medial fearmongering served as an intervening factor that nobody could escape from.

However, there are many indications that we've been facing a plandemic and no dangerous pathogen.

  1. There's no excess mortality in the poorest African countries. No powerful media, no vaccine, no excess mortality. Christian Drosten, however, predicted that people would die like flies there if we couldn't provide them with free vaccines (i.e. “people will die in the streets.”).

  2. Instead of boosting our immune systems by promoting physical activities and vitamin D, sports clubs have been closed, and rigorous stay-at-home measures restricted sun exposure.

  3. Fauci and Drosten are only two examples of virologists who changed their opinion on measures that should be taken in case of a pandemic. Fauci, for example, stated that masks don’t work and considered their use paranoid and that the best vaccination is to actually get infected. Fauci’s German counterpart, Christian Drosten, made statements such as “Immunology is so complex that no one understands it. At least I do not.” while claiming that mRNA vaccines “train” the immune system. Also, his statements on masks have been contradictory.

  4. A virus has been used as an invisible enemy, just like "terrorism" in the last two decades. It's intangible; consequently, a symbol must remind us of something dangerous. That's why mask mandates have been implemented worldwide, even though masks do more harm than good.

  5. A real pandemic doesn't require a 24/7 marketing campaign. If there were really dangerous pathogens out there (and, of course, a working solution), people would line up to get vaxxed. Both were not the case.

  6. BLM demonstrations and gay pride parades were allowed by the authorities, while police forces brutally suppressed anti-measures demonstrations one week later. This did not make any sense.

  7. The leading causes of death are cancer and cardiovascular diseases. The main factors that cause these diseases are well-known. And yet, politicians did not care about restricting sugars in processed foodstuff, and, instead, promoted physical activities. They kept on saying that every life matters but in fact they are only interested in implementing a totalitarian system.

Anything I’ve been missing besides the restaurant paradox (viruses only tend to be at an altitude above 1,50m)?

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below.

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