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GRAPHIC: News Reporter Suffers Cardiac Arrest on Live TV 3 Days After Booster Shot

January 6, 2022

Brazilian reporter Rafael Silva, 36-years-old, suffered an incident of cardiac arrest on live television only three days after receiving his booster shot of the COVID vaccine.

According to his Twitter account, which has since gone silent, Silva received his third dose on December 28. In a tweet, he wrote, "Viva the third dose. I feel bad for those who haven't gotten theirs yet. Vaccines save lives."

Three days later, on New Year's, while reporting for Brazilian news station TV Alterosa - Jornal das 7, Silva suffered his first of several cardiac arrest incidents.

According to several outlets, Silva proceeded to have five more incidents of cardiac arrest on his way to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

"He is responding to treatment and moving with his hands and feet. That's fine, according to the doctors. Despite the pain, I carry this news with joy. We still don't know what happened to Rafael," a coworker wrote following the incident.

On January 5, Silva returned to work, telling everyone that he was still alive and that his health was progressively getting better.

It is unclear if Silva still recommends everyone take a third dose of the COVID vaccine.

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