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France Deactivates Vaccine Passports Ahead of Expiration to Force People to Get Booster Sooner

By Adan Salazar February 22, 2022

Millions of double-jabbed French residents woke up this week to their Covid vaccine passports being deactivated, with notifications telling them to get an additional booster dose to participate in society.

France24 reports the abrupt changes in people’s passport status came after updates to Covid rules by the French government shortening the timeframe for getting a booster dose.

A France24 report showed how an 18-year-old student was forced to get a booster jab after waking up to an app notifying her the passport had expired.

“There are too many rules coming out,” the student admitted. “First, it was after 6 months that we could get a booster. So I told myself, ‘OK, I have time.’ Then it was shortened to three months. It was a mess.”

The French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs website indicates: “A booster dose is required at the latest 4 months following the last dose to extend the mandatory vaccine pass to access activities in France.”

The “activity pass” is required for everyone aged 12 and older in order to participate in virtually every social activity in France.

  • Since June 9, the activity pass has been mandatory for participation in events hosting more than 1,000 people that could constitute a health risk: large venues, sports or cultural events, festivals, fairs and exhibitions.

  • Since July 21, 2021, the activity pass has also been mandatory for access to all events or leisure and cultural facilities hosting more than 50 people: theaters, cinemas, museums, concert halls, festivals, stadiums, amusement parks…

  • Since August 9, the activity pass has been required in cafés, bars and restaurants, whether indoors or on a patio, in some shopping malls, as well as in hospitals, retirement homes and medical and social establishments. It is also mandatory on board airplanes, trains and long-distance buses.

  • The activity pass is mandatory for cruises and passenger boats with accommodations when they carry at least 50 passengers. It is also mandatory in nightclubs, which reopened on July 9, 2021.

Another French woman interviewed by France24 expressed she’d given up trying to keep up with passport rules and participating in society in general.

“It’s sad but that’s how it is. I don’t have the right to do anything anymore, so I’m not even trying. I hope the passport is suspended soon,” she said.

The same authoritarian social credit model of control will roll out to the rest of the Western world if the people don’t stand up and push back against it.

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