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Food Shortages Looming in Near Future Due to Governments’ Globalist Policies

By EPOCH TIMES July 21, 2022

Those familiar with the most recent farmer protests in the Netherlands are saying that the Dutch government’s climate nitrogen-reduction policies targeting farmers, actually have a nefarious goal.

Dutch farmers see it as an effort to seize their land and experts say these climate policies are a part of a global agenda to control the means of food production, that if allowed to play out will end in a global food crisis.

Michael Yon, a journalist who has covered numerous major events and who is currently in the Netherlands covering the farmer protests, told The Epoch Times that the Dutch government is not alone in targeting their farmers, many other countries’ farmers are also experiencing the same threat.

“The dark cult of Devos [World Economic Forum] is trying to destroy these farmers, and obviously, this has major security consequences, not just for the Netherlands, but for all of Europe and the world,” Yon said during a recent interview with Epoch TV’s Crossroads program. “They’re trying to put these farmers out of business and trying to confiscate their land.”

Hundreds of Dutch farmers and many truckers are trying to bring attention to the government’s proposed policies which if implemented would effectively handicap the farmers and many would be financially ruined. In an effort to capture the public’s attention, the Dutch farmers are blocking roads and infrastructure that distribute their goods, leaving Netherlands’ store shelves empty.

“Many people are not tracking, many are and tend to be highly supportive of the farmers, but many are just going about their daily lives just like Americans and Canadians and others do,” Yon said.

“They need to get that wake-up call, like listen, you are going to get hit sooner or later; would you rather have your shelves empty now for just a really short time, or be under the thumb of the beast [World Economic Forum] forever,” he said.

‘Number Six in Food Exports’

Compared to the United States, the Netherlands is a fraction of the size, but rivals U.S. food production, sitting at number six in food exports. The Dutch farmers are some of the most knowledgeable and most efficient in the world, Yon said.

“These are the best farmers in the world. They are worth more than their farms because you can take them and make great farms anywhere with the knowledge in their hands,” he added.

Many countries including the Netherlands, Canada, Germany, and Sri Lanka are following a similar agenda to reduce nitrogen in the environment by at least 30 percent. Many other countries’ farmers, including the United States, cannot find enough chemical nitrogen fertilizer to grow their crops.

If the government implements their nitrogen reduction policies, the Dutch farmers say most of them will lose their farms and their livelihoods, as well as create massive food insecurity for their country and the world.

The Dutch farmers are protesting because they have no other way to try to save their farms and food production in the Netherlands, Reindert a 30-year-old dairy farmer told Epoch TV’s Facts Matter host Roman Balmakov.

If the government wins this conflict, his farm would have to kill off about half of its cows, to reduce nitrogen, said Reindert which would make their business financially unsustainable.