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Federal Judge Reduces Ghislaine Maxwell’s Prison Sentence By 10 Years

May 8, 2022

A federal judge reduced Jeffrey Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell’s maximum prison sentence by 10 years.

New York Judge Alison Nathan sided with Maxwell’s defense last week, claiming three of Maxwell’s five charges related to conspiracy to commit sex trafficking were similar and repetitive.

“The overarching conspiracy — which, as the Government argued and proved at trial, employed a single ‘playbook’ to groom and sexually abuse underage girls — constitutes a single conspiracy offense with multiple victims,” the decision said.

However, the judge denied Maxwell’s appeal to overturn her sex trafficking convictions, pointing out the defense’s false claims of lack of evidence in her conviction.

“The Government at trial presented extensive witness testimony from multiple victim witnesses and others, as well as corroborating documentary and physical evidence,” documents said.

“The testimony and other trial evidence established the Defendant’s role in grooming and recruiting underage girls and using the cover of massage to perpetrate sexual abuse.”

Maxwell now faces a maximum sentence of 55 years. Her sentencing is scheduled for June 28.

Additionally, Maxwell has been moved to the general population of the Metropolitan Detention Centre in New York after living in solitary confinement since her arrest in 2020.

“I am finally going to be able to see Ghislaine. Apart from a few seconds of snatched conversation I had with her at the bar of the court, we have not had any meaningful interactions,” said brother Ian Maxwell.

Incidentally, Maxwell’s prison reduction decision was released on the same day as the Supreme Court’s Roe v Wade leak, all but ensuring the news wouldn’t hit the mainstream.

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