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Fauci Paid Researchers to Turn Male Monkeys Transgender

January 13 2022

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) director Dr. Anthony Fauci used taxpayer funds to turn monkeys transgender.

That's right, transgender monkeys in the name of science.

Just this December, Fauci approved nearly a quarter-million dollars to inject monkeys with hormones and "change their genders."

The $205,562 grant went to Scripps Research, and its purpose was to determine why biological men who claim they are women have higher rates of HIV.

In the study, male monkeys were subject to hormones to change their gender.

The project was so insane that it made the people at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) seem normal.

"It's just bad science to suggest that dosing monkeys with feminizing medication makes them good stand-ins for humans," said PETA neuroscientist Dr. Katherine Roe.

"This study will not help to prevent or treat HIV and will not help transgender women."

Roe also notes that monkeys can't even get HIV but instead contract the simian immunodeficiency virus.

Fauci's oversight of NIAID has been controversial in the recent past. Last year, Fauci was blasted for torturing beagles in abhorrent conditions.

After Fauci gave a half a million-dollar grant to the University of Georgia Research Foundation in 2020, researchers subjected the dogs to biting flies and infected them with a parasite.

The dogs were described as expressing "vocalized pain" during the procedure and were later "euthanized" and had their blood collected.

Fauci's sketchy past could read like a fictionalized story about a mad scientist, but in reality, he is the man in charge of ordering millions of Americans around like cattle in a giant COVID-19 experiment.

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