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Farmers Blockade Highway Connecting Netherlands-Germany

By REBEL NEWS July 12, 2022

The government of the Netherlands is imposing very extreme green policies, and it's affecting the country's agriculture industry. We know that the Dutch prime minister, Mark Rutte, is part of the World Economic Forum and appears to be using the organization's playbook to impose Agenda 2030 policies.

And of course, the working-class people have had enough. That's why they're protesting against these ridiculous mandates, policies and the like.

As the Dutch Farmer Rebellion continues, the protesters developed a plan to block the border between the Netherlands and Germany.

Rebel News reporters Lewis Brackpool and Lincoln Jay are embedded with protesters in the Netherlands, and spoke to some of them as they prepared to set up their blockade in the A37 highway.

“It's the WEF that wants to have a whole world reset and we are the first ones to pick out,” one protester told Brackpool.

But do a lot of farmers know about the WEF and the Great Reset, Brackpool wondered. “Yes, I know for sure because they already know that all the rules are bull****,” the protester answered.

Another said that farmers are the reason people have food on their tables, and that serious tensions could boil over if things don't change.

After the A37 was shut down, a group of people who ended up stuck in the blockade told Rebel News that the government should be protecting farmers' rights.

Eventually, the police arrived on the scene and spoke to the protesters. After some negotiations, cooler heads prevailed and the blockade was lifted, instead transforming into a slow-roll protest.

That slow roll turned into another blockade that night, the third of the day, before police yet again ended the protest.

Since the mainstream media can't be counted on, Rebel News has sent a team of three journalists to the Netherlands to show you the other side of the Dutch Farmer Rebellion. To follow along with our coverage and to support our 100% viewer-funded journalism, visit

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