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‘Family Sex Show’ Aimed at Kids Cancelled After Backlash

By SUMMIT NEWS April 23, 2022

A production called ‘The Family Sex Show’ aimed at children aged 5 and over that was described by the theatre company responsible as “an alternative to porn” has been cancelled after thousands of people signed a petition opposing it.

The company invited parents to bring their kids to the show, advertising that there would be full nudity and discussion of topics completely unsuitable for children.

The show was due to be performed at Bristol’s Tobacco Factory next month but that venue has become the second to bow out after a backlash.

Typically, the company is claiming the deluge of criticism they received included “unprecedented threats and abuse” from “extremists” and that this is why the event was called off.

A petition signed by over 38,000 people stated, “Children should not be de-desensitized to the sight of naked adult bodies or introduced to topics surrounding adult sexual pleasure which this production promotes and celebrates.”

“This is nothing more than a blatant and extremely concerning attempt to sexualize children prematurely and is abusive.”

The explicit show was funded by the Arts Council, which is in turn funded by the taxpayer.

The company claimed they had liased with “child safeguarding experts,” however, the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children had apparently never heard of it.

Susan Glaholm, a social worker in mental health and child protection, expressed her concerns about the show, noting, “I am compelled to say there is something seriously wrong in our society and culture if we accept that this is appropriate for young children to experience.”

No doubt the same leftists who assert that “cancel culture doesn’t exist” will uphold this as an example of it.

This agenda to sexualize children which began as a slow push, has now accelerated to the point where even casual observers now see that there is something very sinister behind these programs.

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