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Facebook Rebrands After Backlash

Styles P

October 29, 2021

The rebranding was prompted by the Big Tech company's public relations disaster

An announcement was made by Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg (AKA Zuck the Cuck) in which he stated that Facebook is planning to change the name of its holding company to Meta.

On Thursday, Zuckerberg said Meta would encompass Facebook as well as apps such as Instagram, WhatsApp and the virtual reality brand Oculus.

“Announcing Meta — the Facebook company’s new name,” the tech giant said in a tweet. “Meta is helping to build the metaverse, a place where we’ll play and connect in 3D. Welcome to the next chapter of social connection.”

The rebranding was prompted after allegations from “whistleblower” Francis Haugen that Facebook has put profits ahead of ridding its platform of hate speech and misinformation.

it appears that Francis Haugen isn't all that she appears. After some digging by journalists found that Haugen donated 37 times and given nearly $2,000 to Democrats and related PACs since 2016 while being employed at Facebook, Pinterest and Gigster, according to Federal Election Commission records.

"This is a whistleblower who has a track record of allegiance to the Democratic Party, and thatmakes me very much question her motives," Parler CEO George Farmer told FOX Business.

Many speculate that Haugen may be an industry plant who is riding the popularity of Whistleblowers (ala Project Veritas) in order to further Big Tech's censorship agenda. As many users know, what is deemed “hate speech” is actually users posting material in dissent of Big Pharma, Big Tech and any other monopolistic entities that are seeking to smother information.

The censorship of the internet is escalating at an alarming rate as more & more people start questioning the mainstream's narratives, however, their desperate scrambling to plug up the holes in their sinking ship only serves to make their intentions more obvious to the average individual.

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