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Dutch Gov’t Goons Employ ‘Snatch & Grab’ Tactics Against Farmers Protesting Great Reset

By Jamie White September 7th 20

Dutch authorities have begun carrying out “snatch and grab” policies against farmers protesting the government’s nitrogen reduction plan as mass uprisings against the Great Reset accelerate.

Shocking video from Amsterdam shows the government upping the ante against outraged farmers pushing back against its targeting of livestock and farmland, with masked government goons dragging protesters into police vans.

Other video shows furious protesters chasing off these kidnapping squads locally known as “Romeos.”

The Dutch government mandated a 50% reduction in nitrogen emissions by 2030 in accordance with the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Great Reset, claiming livestock accounts for 40% of nitrogen emissions in the country.

The mandate would shut down up to a third of livestock farmers, resulting in a collapse of farming and food production in the area amid food and energy shortages brought on by EU and NATO sanctions against Russia.

These fertilizer reduction policies adopted by the Netherlands and now-collapsed Sri Lanka stem from the United Nations’ “Agenda 2030” Sustainable Development Goals and its partners at the WEF.

The farmers began peacefully protesting against their government’s Great Reset policy earlier this summer, mobilizing their tractors and farm equipment as part of their demonstrations.

Police responded with mass arrests and even fired upon the peaceful demonstrators, but the protests have only spread to Spain, Italy, Poland, and Germany as their respective governments also have begun implementing nitrogen reduction policies.

Netherlands’ agricultural minister Henk Staghouwer suddenly resigned Tuesday as a result of the widespread protests.

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