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Dino Crisis Fan Artist Shows What a Remake Could Look Like in Unreal Engine 5

By Jared Carvalho - January 22, 2022

Sometimes when developers like Capcom decide to focus on megahit titles like Resident Evil Village instead of following up on the dull roar of Dino Crisis fans begging for a remake, it can be the fans that can get progress made.

One recent fan project has now taken the first step towards seeing what a Dino Crisis remake could look like, though it likely won't lead to a full fan-made project.

Created by 3D artist and game designer Mike Wilson this latest reimagining of Regina is intended as a character study for the artist's personal portfolio of modeled characters. While the result of the study is impressive, Wilson doesn't appear to have any intention to go much farther with Dino Crisis in the form of a full remake.

See the Video Below:

Wilson shared this new design in the form of several images, as well as an impressive video that gives a full 360 view of Regina along with close-ups and a few simple animations.

The character model and video were created using Unreal Engine 5 to give this version of Regina the most modern look possible thanks to the strength of the engine. If expanded to the rest of Dino Crisis, Unreal Engine 5 could make for an impressive looking remake if either Capcom or another fan wanted to look at updating the game.

Check out the original Trailer from DINO CRISIS (1999):

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