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Conor McGregor Trolls Immunologist: “I Know Nothing of Health…This Guy Does”

By Paul Joseph Watson - November 23, 2021

After receiving a backlash for questioning vaccine efficacy, UFC star Conor McGregor posted an image of an out of shape immunologist along with the sardonic comment, “I know nothing of strong immune systems or physical health, fitness and wellbeing. This guy does.”

Although he quickly deleted all the tweets, the controversy began when McGregor commented, “The vaccines have not worked to stop this whatsoever. More vaccinated than ever. More cases than ever. Reevaluate entirely. Stop taking handouts.”

The MMA champ could have been talking about numerous European countries which are currently experiencing new COVID spikes, but particularly Ireland, which has a huge case load despite having a 94% vaccinated adult population.

‘The Notorious’ then chose to draw attention to Irish immunologist Luke O’Neill, who is an ardent proponent of vaccines.

“Guys, I’m not an immunologist. I know nothing of strong immune systems or physical health, fitness and well being. This guy does, @laoneill111,” said McGregor.

Some respondents noticed that given his enthusiasm for keeping people healthy, O’Neill doesn’t appear to be in the best physical shape.

And that was the punchline of McGregor’s joke.

Posting a photo of Admiral Rachel L. Levine, the United States’ transgender Assistant Secretary for Health, also would have worked.

Mcgregor by TKO.

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