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CNN Edits Video of Joe Rogan to Look Sickly

January 8, 2022

Joe Rogan has recently recovered from COVID-19. But while he was sick, the media and the left didn’t send their well wishes. Instead, they appeared to criticize Rogan and ivermectin.

It appears that CNN may have taken things a step further. CNN even edited the appearance of Joe Rogan's skin colour to make him appear unwell A side-by-side comparison between Rogan’s original video and the video that CNN published looks clearly different.

Rogan’s skin tone appears to be a different color. If it turns out that Rogan’s image was edited, this wouldn’t be the first time that the media has manipulated images of conservatives. Former President Trump was the target of such attacks.

It was common for media outlets to edit pictures of President Trump to make him look more orange. Some even called this type of editing “orange face.”

If the media can’t even accurately show you images, how can you expect them to accurately report the news?

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