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Chinese News Site Accidentally Leaks Censorship Instructions on Russia’s Ukraine attack

By Will Henney February 24, 2022

A state-controlled news outlet accidentally leaked instructions on how to censor the coverage of the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Russia and China have strengthened diplomatic powers in recent years.

Horizon News, which is controlled by CCP-owned The Beijing Newspaper, accidentally shared a post on Weibo that appeared to be instructions from a senior on how staff should selectively report on the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

According to a translation done by the China Digital Times, Horizon News staff were instructed: “Do not post anything unfavorable to Russia or pro-Western.”

The team managing the outlet’s Weibo account was told to “carry out selection and control of comments.” They were also instructed to not use hashtags that were not approved by the state-run major news media.

Russia’s and China’s ties have strengthened in recent years. The government, however, has refrained from showing direct support for Russia. Foreign Minister Wang Yi urged the two countries to “exercise restraint.” He continued to insist that the “sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of any country should be respected and safeguarded.”

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