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Charlotte Iserbyt, A Fighter For Educational Liberty Dies at 91

By MRCTV Feb 16, 2022

It is with profound sadness that we report the Feb 8 passing of legendary American education whistleblower, author, and public speaker, Charlotte T. Iserbyt, at the age of 91.

Over the course of many eventful decades, Charlotte stood as one of the “Big Three” exposers of the methodical, generations-long, and systematic erosion of the original, private education paradigm in US History.

Her books, “The Deliberate Dumbing-Down of America,” “Soviets in The Classroom,” and “Back to Basics Reform (OBE Skinnerian International Curriculum),” and her eight-disc DVD series “Exposing the Global Road to Ruin Through Education” alerted innumerable parents and other taxpayers to the centuries-spanning attack, and to the Fabian Socialist tactics of the Marxist-Post-Modernists in government, media, and so-called “teaching institutions” who continue to press that attack.

Standing beside Dr. Samuel Blumenfeld and education reformer John Taylor Gatto, Charlotte not only spoke out, she – like they -- provided the documents.

During President Ronald Reagan’s first term, Iserbyt worked as a senior policy advisor in the US Department of Education’s Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI). Later, Iserbyt discovered a federally financed initiative called Better Education Skills via Technology (Project BEST), which included a section labeled ‘What we (US Department of Education) can control and manipulate at the local level.’ She was fired from the Department of Education after releasing this document to Human Events.

But Charlotte was not close to giving up.

As Liberty Galaxy notes, her:

…father and grandfather were both Skull & Bonesmen talked about extensively by Professor Antony Sutton (author of numerous books, including ‘The War on Gold,’ and the classic ‘Wall Street Trilogy’.

And Charlotte kept researching, writing, and sounding the alarm.

From 1978 to 2000 she diligently helped run and do research for the Maine-based organization for education freedom she helped found, Guardians of Education for Maine, and worked as a freelance writer, seeing work published by Human Events, Bangor Daily News, Washington Times, and many more.

On a personal note, she was also a great ally of my father, Paul H. Goldsmith, who, like Charlotte, was asked to join the Reagan Admin’s “Office of Educational Research and Improvement” in order to try to dismantle the unconstitutional Carter-created Education Department during the first Reagan term.

Clearly, the goal was not achieved. But in that tumultuous period, our family, Charlotte, Sam Blumenfeld, fellow traveler Congressman Ron Paul, and a handful of others learned powerful lessons about the lengths to which collectivists will go to not only retain new power, but expand those powers and the number of cronies they can bless with their politically obtained graft.

My father often spoke of Charlotte and Sam. And he spoke of people (likely Carter leftovers in the DOE) breaking into his DC office, stealing files that were for Reagan’s eyes only (they used a special code on the files for this and had to keep updating said codes), and how he, Charlotte, Sam, and others could not meet in their offices for fear of audio surveillance, and, instead, would meet at large restaurants to allow the crowd noise to keep their chats from being monitored.

After my dad voluntarily returned to New Hampshire from DC (saying he realized that there was no chance to stop the DOE and that he did not want to take other people’s tax money in such a fruitless endeavor), he stayed in touch with Charlotte, who, like Sam Blumenfeld, lived in the New England area.

She was a truly devoted fighter, and, as one can see, the opponent was – and is – intimidatingly powerful. It is a revolving door of corruption, an ideology spanning cultures, nation-states, and generations.

A real fighter against them -- a true titan for truth -- has passed, and our condolences go to her family and close friends.

And, at the same time, we would like to express appreciation for the blessing Charlotte Iserbyt was, and will be, to our generation, and many to come.

Rest in Peace, Charlotte Iserbyt.

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