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CBC Spreads Misinformation, Claims the Trucker's Convoy is About Protesting Bad Weather Conditions.

By Free Thinkers Collective - January 28, 2022

At first the mainstream media completely ignored the trucker convoy on its way to Ottawa. Now that it’s become far too popular and important to ignore.

The propaganda news outlets such as CBC are now attempting to change the narrative from the truckers protesting the anti-vaccine mandate to now claiming that the protest is about bad weather conditions.

Below is a tweet put out by CBC :

To make matters worse, the corrupt political class are demonizing the convoy based on some isolated examples of rhetoric from people who aren’t representative of the vast majority of supporters.

Canada's out of touch Crime Minister, Justin Trudeau recently stated that truckers participating in the vaccine-mandate protest are a "Fringe minority" and had "Unacceptable views".

Watch his authoritarian statement below:

If Kim Jong Un was to stand in front of the North Korean people and claim that some of them had "Unacceptable views" it would be obvious that he was a dictatorial tyrant, as the Government is not responsible for an individuals thoughts or ideologies, yet when Trudeau does it, it's acceptable and non-threatening because he identifies as a feminist.

He also claimed that "Anti-Vaxxers" were "racists and "Misogynists".

This is coming from someone who has done "black-face" on multiple occasions.

Justin Trudeau can say whatever he needs to say out of desperation. It's easy to see and to feel the average individual is waking up in the face of all the government overreach. The tide is turning against this global move towards totalitarianism and the trucker convoy is only proof of this.

As governments around the world push their citizen's backs up against the wall, there will only be more resistance and growing opposition. The trucker's convoy is only the beginning.

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