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Bilderberg'$ Club

September 11, 2023

The truth does not exist. All that exists is the manipulation of reality. And you are the best example. Have you heard of the Bilderberg Club? Do you know who forms it and what its objectives are? I should know because they already control everything … or at least that’s what they plan to do.

Someone once said ''The truth shall set you free'' and since then, an epidemic of sham civilization has invaded us. Now it is time to discover the truth.

This film, by Queralt Antu, explores the truth about Bilderberg’s club. David Rockefeller and Price Bernhard of the Netherlands founded this club in 1954. At the time two of the most important oil companies in the world: Shell and Exxon-Mobil were behind the club.

Release Date: 2012

Director: Queralt Antú Serrano Main Cast: Arcadi Oliveres (Economist and President of the JUSTICIA i PAU Foundation), Carmelo Mairal (Bar VillaLola's owner), Charlie Skelton (The Guardian's journalist), Daniel Estulin (author of 'The True Story of the Bilderberg Club'), Dídac Sanchez (Ecoxarxa Montseny), Hannah Skelton (Journalist and activist), Hanno Rademacher (Independent Blogger), Jim Tucker (Journalist and American Free Press's editor), Marc Anderson (American Free Press), We are Change Frankurtmain (Independent Blogger)

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